Academy Support Center Praktijkleren: supports ICT-education

Stichting Praktijkleren is the Academy Support Center (ASC) in the Netherlands that supports academies in promoting up to date ICT-skills into education. We do this for students and teachers in secondary education, vocational education and higher education. It is our goal that they are prepared for their professional future in the field of ICT. That is why we support their training with resources and services. In the first place, we bring teachers in contact with providers of relevant, up-to-date ICT training courses, so that students are trained with the right certifications for professional practice. In addition, we are committed to expanding the ICT training offer, translating teaching material, providing teacher training and promoting collaboration between the various parties. 

What can ASC Praktijkleren do for you as a teacher? 
- You will have access to a wide range of current digital teaching materials. 
- We promote cooperation between your school and our partners. 
- As a teacher you receive support and training in the introduction of training courses. 
- We can offer certifications at special prices. 
- We help you to promote market-based knowledge and skills within your (ICT) education.\

Training on location and via e-learning 
Some training courses can be followed via e-learning. Companies have developed their own digital 'classrooms' that make it possible to follow the lessons from your own workplace. Physical presence is required for other training sessions.

How can you use our offer? 
If you are a school affiliated with Stichting Praktijkleren, you can automatically use the services provided by Academy Support Center Stichting Praktijkleren. If you are not a member yet, but are interested, please contact Hans Blankendaal +31 6 295 501 46 or

In the past years Netherlands Academy Support Centre (NASC) has supported the training field in promoting market-based knowledge within ICT education. In recent years, NASC and Stichting Praktijkleren have regularly talked about administrative cooperation. At the operational level, development groups of both organizations worked together to reinforce each other and to create a better and transparent offer for the target group: teachers in (ICT) education. Since 1 August 2018, the activities of NASC have been transferred to Stichting Praktijkleren and are being continued as ASC Praktijkleren.