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Stichting Praktijkleren supports regional training centres in the field of in-school and out-of-school work-based learning. 

The motto of Stichting Praktijkleren is ‘From, for and by the educational sector’. In the Netherlands 42 regional training centres for secondary vocational education (98% of the total number nationwide) with a department for Economic-administrative and Security are member of Stichting Praktijkleren.

Stichting Praktijkleren came into being on the initiative of the regional training centres (roc’s) and closely collaborates with teachers from 41 of these centres.
Some 170 co-workers are involved with Stichting Praktijkleren, of which 110 are seconded from the regional training centres. In this way Stichting Praktijkleren keeps well-informed of the changing wished and demands of the secondary vocational sector.

In collaboration with the teachers Stichting Praktijkleren develops examination products and vocational learning products.
In addition to his teachers can also turn to Stichting Praktijkleren for support in the form of training and workshops on cross-curricular and specific subjects.
Stichting Praktijkleren also offers advice on content and method of counseling. In this way Stichting Praktijkleren contributes substantially to vocational learning in secondary vocational education.

“Stichting Praktijkleren is the pivot in the coorperation between the regional training centres.” [Jacques Cratsborn, course manager Economic Administrative Education, ROC Arcus College, Heerlen, the Netherlands]

What has Stichting Praktijkleren to offer for you?

Examination products
Together with the regional training centres Stichting Praktijkleren develops different kinds of examination products: in-school and out-of-school work-based exams, proficiency exams and knowledge exams.
This combination of exams enables you as a teacher to examine knowledge, proficiency and professional attitude in the right balance. Our examination products fully cover the qualification requirements for the job-related part of the qualification.

Learning products
Stichting Praktijkleren offers learning products that simulate learning in practice, such as simulations, vocational learning projects, occupational practice books with assignments to be used during the internship.

These learning materials can be downloaded and used via our website.

Training and workshops
Stichting Praktijkleren offers cross-curricular training and training specific for a certain course sector.We offer multiday assessor training, but also training in which teachers learn to work with in-school learning products (such as a simulation) which we have developed for their specific course sector.Teachers can also attend a training in which they can be introduced in the use of our examination products. During these meetings teachers have also the opportunity to share information about current developments in their specific field of knowledge.

Stichting Praktijkleren , among other things, gives advice on how schools can implement its material in their curriculum, on the content of counselling and the supporting lessons. The foundation realises this, among other things, with the help of online-manuals, nationwide teachers’ meetings and workshops, conference meetings, symposiums, tailor-made advice and visits to regional training centres.

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